Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr-9lt0XJQw

This 40-second video is a man explaining how people who don't think that gay people should be allowed in the armed forces, can actually view it as a positive thing. He says that if conservative people do not like the idea of gay people in the military that they should send them to Iraq so that they can die. I think this is the worst reason to allow gay people in the military. The video says that this way everybody wins meaning both sides of the argument. But I would disagree with this argument because I don't think that the conservative view on this is right.

Sending people to war with the intent of them dying is horrible and wrong. If people really have this opinion they should re-examine their priorities and maybe having gays not be allowed in the armed forces would be a better option then sending them off to their death. Homophobia is a overshadowed issue in our society and should be addressed strongly and in the similar ways that racism has in our country. But I think because homophobia is so strongly rooted in religion it is difficult for our country to address these issues. To address the issues of racism in our county (to some degree) we had the civil rights movement in order to defy the higher powers that said people of color were lesser than white people. In some ways I believe there needs to be a similar movement to address homosexual rights. This would be a positive step forward in the equality of gay, lesbian, and bisexual rights and perhaps would change the opinion of conservative people who believe gay people should be sent to war simply so they can die.

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